Schools Support

Our team of specialists have worked both for music services and directly for schools, and we can make a strong offer of support for this area of hubs’ work. Our consultancy team includes music experts at every key stage, all of whom are also trained as mentors or CPD trainers, so we are able to devise, deliver, support and evaluate hubs’ schools strategies as required.

We can help you to identify and support Lead Schools, providing mentoring, training and development to help them fulfil their role. We can also provide flexible in-school support on request to any schools who you feel would benefit from developing their music offer.

Many hubs buy in our live or online training courses for their schools, for which we can offer a reduced ‘bulk buy’ rate. We can offer anything from a one-off session to a fully serviced programme of events over the course of an entire academic year. We can even organise, manage and deliver one of our popular Curriculum Music Conferences in partnership with your hub, subject to availability. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.