Why take the Level 4 CME?

Perhaps because the pandemic has left musicians with time on their hands and/or considering new career options, we’ve seen a massive surge in uptake for our Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators programme from across the UK in the last 12 months. Studying for a qualification is a big time and financial commitment, so it can be good to know how former students have fared after they have achieved the qualification.

One of our former learners got in touch with us recently saying:

“Since my CME I have been working within a new Primary School helping to set up music and the arts. I became acting Music Lead and have been enjoying getting fully immersed in Primary Music. The CME definitely helped me find the confidence to take on this new role so thank you a lot!”

Another former learner, also working in the primary sector said:

“The CME provided a focus for professional development that has increased my confidence and deepened my understanding, enabling me to apply my subject expertise more effectively across the primary phase.” (Beth Brimmicombe, Primary Music Subject Leader)

Of course it’s not just primary colleagues who find the CME a useful tool for professional development, it’s also been particularly helpful to community musicians, and instrumental teaching colleagues:

“By undertaking the CME course, I have acquired a broader understanding of music education. I have drawn from the various policies, pedagogies and practical feedback covered in the course to improve my overall effectiveness as a music educator and ensure that I can share my passion for music with young people in creative and exciting ways.” (Brent Connan, Percussion Teacher)

“The CME helped me think in depth about my career as a peripatetic Woodwind Teacher and how I can continue my own professional development. The pedagogical grounding the CME gave me is invaluable to both my students and myself.” (Clare Oloya, Woodwind Teacher)

“The CME course has enabled me to develop a wider understanding of music education and has provided me with the opportunity to develop my own practice as a teacher. Since completing the course I have been able to apply everything I have learnt in order to improve the effectiveness of my lessons, as well as developing further confidence in my teaching.” (Natasha Ronayne, Brass Teacher)

As the longest established CME centre in the world (number 000001!) which has always offered the programme entirely through Online Distance Learning, we are uniquely placed to help music educators to attain this qualification during this challenging time. Our fees are extremely competitive (almost the cheapest option of any centre), and it has always been important to us to provide value for money without sacrificing quality. The comments above show that we have made a real impact on our learners’ professional development and future careers.

If you are considering applying for the Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators, we hope that you will trust us to guide you through this qualification. More information can be found on our dedicated CME page.