CPD Centre West Midlands celebrates CME success!


CPD Centre West Midlands have recently had their seventh successful learner graduate from the Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators programme!

The centre has to date attracted over 40 learners from different disciplines including Early Years and Primary Practitioners, Instrumental Teachers working for Music Education Hubs or privately, and Community Musicians working in the non-formal sector. The learners come from right across the UK and Channel Islands!

Successful learners have praised both the Distance Learning and the Local Partnership routes for the qualification, with 100% of completed learners surveyed rating the support provided by their mentor as ‘Excellent.’

‘My mentor really understood my circumstances and some of the barriers to learning that created. Together, we were able to map my study schedule. She was only an email, phone or skype call away. The speed of response was incredible – my work was often marked and feedback issued with a couple of hours. This really allowed me to make the most of my time.’

The centre continues to develop its provision and range of learning materials, with innovation driven by a commitment to support learner needs. Programme Leader Dr Liz Stafford is delighted by the learners’ success to date, ‘We are so proud of our seven successful CME graduates, and wish them every success as they move forward with the next stage of their career development. It is a really exciting time for our centre as over the next six months we will be supporting another 10 learners to completion, with the remaining learners due to complete in 2019.’

To find out more about the Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators, visit the CPD Centre West Midlands website.