A* in Confusion


We must raise standards! We must ensure that all pupils get good GCSE grades!

How should we do that?

By making the exams harder!

Wait, what?

Exams must be harder! Exams have been getting easier and easier every year!

How do you know that?

Because more and more pupils are getting better grades!

Isn’t that because teachers and pupils are working harder each year to make sure that grades improve?

No! It’s because exams are getting easier. Exams must be harder!

How will that help pupils get better grades?

Because teachers and pupils will work harder to achieve better grades!

But if they get better grades at the harder exams, won’t that prove that the harder exams are getting easier?

Of course not! Stupid child! What did they teach you at school?!

Dr Elizabeth Stafford
23rd August 2017