10 reasons why you should study the CME with us…

  1. We were the very first centre to be validated – number 000001! We therefore have more experience running this programme than anyone else in the UK or internationally.
  2. We provided the original Distance Learning option for this qualification, and have been supporting learners to work towards the CME remotely from the very start.
  3. We have been a public centre from the very beginning, therefore we know how to motivate and support learners who are completing the qualification independently rather than as part of a workforce development programme.
  4. We are robustly monitored and quality assured. Not only are we overseen by Trinity College London (the awarding body for the CME) but we have chosen to add an extra layer of moderation, by inviting Professor Karen Burland of Leeds University to act as our External Quality Assurer. (Prior to Karen, we worked with Gary Spruce, who has since moved on to become Lead EQA for the qualification at Trinity College London). This enables us to provide the highest standards in assessment of our learners.
  5. Our mentoring team are drawn from many different backgrounds rather than one organisation, meaning that we can pair learners with mentors whose context most closely matches their own, giving them a more personalised learning experience.
  6. We are a privately funded company, meaning we can guarantee the continued running of our programme for your entire registration period, and beyond, as we are not reliant on short-term public funding deals to keep our centre open.
  7. Our course materials are continually revised and updated in response to changes in the sector, and feedback from learners, and are written by a PhD-qualified university lecturer.
  8. Our CME programme was developed by two former leaders of the only government-funded national training programme for music teachers, the KS2 Music CPD Programme, drawing on their experience of delivering this national remote-learning programme in the design of the current CME programme.
  9. As well as our CME offer, Music Education Solutions® has 11 years experience offering training and development to music teachers from different contexts and with different levels of skill, both in person and online.
  10. We are (at the time of writing) the cheapest option for obtaining this qualification anywhere in the UK or internationally.

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