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Wednesday Webinars: Primary Schools

These 1.5 hour webinars cover some of the hot topics in primary music teaching! Our webinars offer a research-informed approach to primary music CPD, drawing on both the academic research and practical teaching experience of our team. You won't find anything quite like them anywhere else! Delivered by Zoom, they are limited to just 12 participants to allow lots of time for discussion and questions.

Autumn Term 2021

Curriculum design in Primary Music

In this webinar led by Dr Liz Stafford, you will consider the components of successful curriculum design for music, which can be very different from those of other subjects! Drawing on curriculum design research, and her experience writing numerous curriculae (most recently for Kapow Primary & Warwick Music), Liz will help you discover how to design an engaging and pedagogically sound, progressive curriculum for your school.

Development & Progression in Primary Music

In this webinar you will explore research around development and progression of musical skills in primary aged children. Dr Liz Stafford will show you how knowledge of these different developmental stages can inform the way that you plan, teach and assess music in your primary school.

Spring Term 2022

Developing Musical Vocabulary in Primary Schools

In this webinar Dr Liz Stafford will show you how to help your pupils develop their use of musical vocabulary in a structured, progressive way over the course of their time at primary school. You will consider which musical terms are most useful and appropriate for your pupils to learn, and how you can develop their knowledge of these through practical musical activity rather than literacy-based exercises.

Developing Notation Reading in Primary Schools

In this webinar you will learn how to approach the development of notation reading in your school, taking into consideration the fact that you may not have many music-readers on your staff! Dr Liz Stafford will take you through the essential concepts and theories that teachers and pupils need to know, with ideas for developing these through practical, engaging, musical activities, rather than through worksheets or theory exercises.

Summer Term 2022

Improvising in Primary Music

This webinar will be led by expert teacher, performer and composer Kay Charlton, drawing on her research into improvisation, and her experience as a performer and composer across a diverse range of improvisatory styles including Indian Classical Music and Jazz. The webinar is designed to give you lots of ideas for using improvising in your primary music lessons, and how to develop the skill of improvising progressively over time.

Composing in Primary Music

Information coming soon!

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Dates & Times: Wednesdays 4.15pm-5.45pm

Curriculum Design in Primary Music: 29th September 2021

Development & Progression in Primary Music: 10th November 2021

Developing Musical Vocabulary in Primary Schools: 2nd February 2022

Developing Notation Reading in Primary Schools: 30th March 2022

Improvising in Primary Music: 11th May 2022

Composing in Primary Music: Date TBC

Some of the above courses are also available in our online self-guided versions. Please visit the Courses and Events page and click on 'Online Self-Guided Courses' to view.

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