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Understanding the Model Music Curriculum

These 1.5 hour webinars will give an independent analysis of the new non-statutory 'Model Music Curriculum' released by the government for potential use in England's primary and secondary schools. The webinars will cover the content of the curriculum, and how this relates to current best practice pedagogy and research on musical development, as well as how the curriculum compares to the most common schemes and resources that schools already buy into.

In the primary focused webinar Dr Liz Stafford will help primary music subject leaders and head teachers to decide whether this model curriculum is something that they might wish to adopt in their own school.

In the music hubs focused webinar, we will help music hub leaders and curriculum specialists decide if and how they can map this new model curriculum onto their own offer.

In the secondary focused webinar, we will help secondary heads of music to decide whether the curriculum is right for their school, including considering qualifications routes, and how to tackle conversations with SLT about adopting, or not adopting the curriculum!

Primary Webinars: Friday 23rd April 12pm, or 4pm, and Thursday 13th May 4pm.

Music Hub Webinars: Wednesday 28th April 12.30pm.

Secondary Webinars: Friday 23rd April 2pm

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