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Group Training Webinars

Looking for the personal, interactive touch of a face-to-face course with the convenience and price-tag of an online course? Our webinar option is made just for you!

Each training session lasts one hour, and can be booked to take place at a time that suits you and your colleagues. All you need is an internet enabled device! Each participant can use their own device from wherever they are, or you can all meet together and participate as a group via a whiteboard or large screen.

pBuzz Curriculum Training (SK01)
Looking for more support with teaching the pBuzz KS1 Music Curriculum? Why not book a Skype Training session to learn more about how the resource works and how to get the best out of the pBuzz! During the session you will learn: how to play the pBuzz; how to teach pBuzz technique to your pupils and trouble-shoot any problems; how to use the resource to deliver effective KS1 music lessons; and how to assess your pupils against the KS1 National Curriculum for Music.

Vocal Confidence for Primary Teachers (SK02)
In this interactive, practical session, you will learn: the basics of singing technique; how to choose, prepare and teach songs; how to structure your singing sessions; and lots of other tips and tricks for leading singing successfully in the classroom.

Primary Music National Curriculum Essentials (SK03)
In this session you will learn the details of the national curriculum for music at KS1 and 2, including what is required for your pupils to progress in performing, composing / improvising, listening, and musical understanding. There will be time within the session for you to ask specific questions about areas of the national curriculum that you find most challenging to teach.

Promoting Positive Behaviour in Instrumental Lessons (SK04)
In this session designed for peripatetic instrumental and vocal teachers working in schools, you will learn: the importance of promoting positive behaviour; how to promote positive behaviour; how to manage inappropriate behaviour; and how to respond to challenging behaviour.

Creative Approaches to Instrumental Teaching (SK05)
In this interactive, practical session, you will learn: how to incorporate creative activities into your instrumental lessons; how creative activities can support the development of instrumental technique and exam skills; to develop a repertoire of creative activities for use in your teaching.

Delivering the National Curriculum for Music through WCET (SK06)
In this interactive, practical session designed for teachers delivering whole class instrumental lessons, you will learn how to link your lesson content to the national curriculum for music at primary level.



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