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Primary Music Leadership Certificate

This taught course comprises three half-day training sessions across one term. These will be supported with access to online learning materials, and challenges, ideas and activities to try out in the classroom, culminating in a short assignment. On completion of the assignment participants will be awarded with the Music Education Solutions® Primary Music Leadership Certificate.

Download the Primary Music Leadership Certificate Brochure

Session 1: Leading Music in your school

In this session we look at how to motivate, inspire and support staff to teach music with confidence, how to manage an extra-curricular programme, and how to address differentiation including for SEND pupils.

Session 2: Planning & Assessing Music in your school

In this session we look at how to create pedagogically-sound schemes of work and lesson plans, how to satisfy an Ofsted Deep-Dive, and the resources and software available to help deliver the national curriculum for music.

Session 3: Delivering music in your school

In this session we look at activity and resource ideas to help you deliver performing, listening, composing and improvising activities in the classroom.

Zoom Dates for Autumn Term 2021: 7 places remaining

  • Thursday 23rd September 12.45pm-3.15pm
  • Thursday 21st October 12.45pm-3.15pm
  • Thursday 25th November 12.45pm-3.15pm

Zoom Dates for Spring Term 2022: 11 places remaining

  • Monday 17th January 9.30am-12pm
  • Monday 14th February 9.30am-12pm
  • Monday 14th March 9.30am-12pm

Zoom Dates for Summer Term 2022: 12 places remaining

  • Friday 6th May 1pm-3.30pm
  • Friday 10th June 1pm-3.30pm
  • Friday 8th July 1pm-3.30pm

 Price: £150 per person

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