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From 17th March 2020 until further notice all the online courses below have been reduced in price from £99 to £10 (which covers the cost of creating and maintaining the online accounts). We hope that this will prove helpful to music educators during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Our online courses are delivered through a mixture of online reading & research, video and audio examples, interactive quizzes, and an optional short assignment. The price includes 6 months' access and a certificate on completion of the final assignment.

Our international (I) courses are suitable for music educators working anywhere in the world, following any curriculum.

Our UK-specific (UK) courses are suitable for music educators in settings which follow the English National Curriculum.

Managing Behaviour in Music Lessons (I01)

On this course you will learn how to promote positive behaviour, and deal with inappropriate and challenging behaviour in a music education setting.

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Understanding Musical Learning (I02)

On this course you will learn how children and young people learn musically and what music educators can do to support and develop this learning.

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Excellence in Instrumental & Vocal Teaching (I03)

On this course you will develop a deeper understanding of instrumental teaching pedagogy, in order to develop excellent practice in instrumental and vocal teaching.

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Singing in Primary Schools (I04)

This course covers everything you need to know about leading singing in a primary (5-11) setting. It includes the latest research into the impact of singing in schools, advice on developing a whole school culture of singing, video tutorials on singing and conducting techniques, advice on selecting repertoire, using singing to support the curriculum, and how to start, maintain, and improve a choir.

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Excellence in Primary Music (UK01)

This course looks in detail at the skills, knowledge and understanding that pupils need to develop in order to progress in Performing, Composing/Improvising and Listening, through a mixture of research presentation, practical activities and discussion.

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Planning & Assessing Primary Music (UK02)

This course covers the processes and pedagogy of planning and assessing primary music. Learners will explore the specific mechanics of planning and assessment for music, which can be very different from the other subjects of the primary curriculum. The course offers support and advice for creating schemes of work, individual pedagogically sound lesson plans, and assessment systems for music.

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Excellence in First Access (WCET) (UK03)

This course is a brand new national training programme for teachers of First Access / Whole Class Ensemble Teaching. It features a structured training programme based on the latest research into the pedagogical principles behind successful First Access / WCET teaching programmes. It is suitable for teachers at all stages of their careers, and who teach any instrument from any musical tradition.

For organisations wishing to train multiple staff, the programme can be taken wholly online, or can be combined with live training, for a blended learning approach. Please contact Music Education Solutions® to find out more about blended learning options, and bulk-buy discounts.

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New courses coming soon for the academic year 2019/20:

Singing in Secondary Schools (I05)

Planning & Assessing Instrumental Music (I06)

Introduction to Instrumental Teaching (UK04) 

Starting a Music Education Business (UK05)

Dive Deeper into Music (UK06)

Musical Skills & Understanding for Non-Specialist Teachers (UK07)


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