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Ofsted 2013 Music in Schools Report: Mapping Exercise

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In the 2013 Ofsted Music Hubs report, recommendations were made that music education organizations such as ours should:

support the hubs in developing their work and their school music education plans

help develop better understanding of what works in achieving a better music education for all.

We have already supported the work of several hubs, including managing the Singing Strategy for Sefton Music Education Partnership, providing CPD for Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent Music Education Partnership, courses for primary teachers in the Dudley Music Hub (in partnership with Target Education Alliance & supported by Dudley Performing Arts), and project management work for THSH (Birmingham Music Education Partnership Hub Partner). We also work closely with Hubs when setting up our independent courses in their areas, ensuring that they complement not detract from, their CPD offering, and promoting the work of the Hubs to our delegates. We also stringently evaluate all of our projects and activities, creating case-study data which we make public wherever possible, for the benefit of all involved in music education.

We are pleased that our work to date has already gone some way to addressing the above recommendations, and this mapping document sets out the further ways in which we are able to help hubs & schools to address the current recommendations. This mapping exercise is designed for use by Hubs & schools to identify those of our services which might be relevant to their music education aims and strategies, so that they can then investigate these further if appropriate.

Section 1: Hubs

Ofsted have recommended that Hubs work with schools to:

Have regular supportive, challenging conversations with each of their schools about the quality of music education for all pupils in that school.

Support all schools in improving the music education they provide, especially in class lessons, and support them in evaluating it robustly.

Offer expert training and consultancy to schools, which supports school leaders and staff in understanding what musical learning, and good progress by pupils in music, are like.

How MES can help:

We offer a bespoke schools’ consultancy service, working with primary and secondary music teachers to develop & evaluate curriculum plans.

We can also work with senior leaders in schools to develop their understanding of what constitutes a ‘good’ music lesson.

We already offer an extensive programme of INSET & CPD training for primary music teachers, and are able to offer this to hubs for NO DIRECT COST if they are able to provide a venue.

We offer a mentoring programme for primary music coordinators, run by Open University certified mentors with specific expertise in mentoring in a primary music context.

Ofsted have also recommended that Hubs:

ensure that their own staff and partners are well trained and ready to do this work

robustly evaluate the impact of their own work on pupils’ music education

How MES can help:

We already offer an extensive programme of INSET and CPD training for music hub and music service teachers, much of which can be linked to the Trinity CME (Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators)

We also already offer a mentoring service for instrumental and vocal teachers to help them identify and explore their own areas for development. This service is facilitated by Open University certified mentors.

We are able to carry out quality assurance and independent evaluation of music hubs work, through KPI setting, teaching observations, data collection & analysis and evidence-based case studies.

Section 2: Schools

Ofsted have recommended that schools:

evaluate their musical provision more accurately, especially teaching and the curriculum, and seek training and advice as needed.

How MES can help:

We are able to provide consultancy services for school leadership teams, working with them to enhance their understanding of what constitutes good musical provision through discussion, exemplars and team observations.

We offer a mentoring programme for primary music coordinators, run by Open University certified mentors with specific expertise in mentoring in a primary music context.

We run independent music education courses for primary & secondary teachers on a whole variety of teaching and learning topics. These take place at various locations around the UK and are sold directly to teachers & schools via our website. For further information visit

We are also working with Target Education Alliance and Dudley Performing Arts to open a Trinity CME Centre for the West Midlands, and hope to have achieved validation status for this qualification early in the new year. This course will be open to all music educators in the West Midlands region, subject to application criteria.


We feel that we have the expertise to help Hubs and schools deliver on many of the key recommendations of the 2013 Ofsted report, and would be interested in hearing from any hubs who would welcome a no-obligation discussion regarding our products and services.

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