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Our online courses are delivered through a mixture of online reading & research, video and audio examples, interactive quizzes, and an optional short assignment. The price includes 6 months' access and a certificate on completion of the final assignment.

Our international (I) courses are suitable for music educators working anywhere in the world, including the UK. Our UK-specific (UK) courses are suitable only for UK-based teachers.

Managing Behaviour in Music Lessons (I01)

On this course you will learn how to promote positive behaviour, and deal with inappropriate and challenging behaviour in a music education setting.

Understanding Musical Learning (I02)

On this course you will learn how children and young people learn musically and what music educators can do to support and develop this learning.

Excellence in Instrumental & Vocal Teaching (I03)

On this course you will develop a deeper understanding of instrumental teaching pedagogy, in order to develop excellent practice in instrumental and vocal teaching.

Excellence in Primary Music (UK01)

This course looks in detail at the skills, knowledge and understanding that pupils need to develop in order to progress in Performing, Composing/Improvising and Listening, through a mixture of research presentation, practical activities and discussion.

A live version of this course is also available - see course page for details

Excellence in First Access (WCET) (UK03)
Pre-order now, for access on 1st September 2017

A live version of this course is also available - see course page for details

New courses coming soon:

Planning & Assessing Primary Music (UK02)
Singing in Schools: 5-11 year olds (I)
Singing in Schools: 11-18 year olds (I)
Planning & Assessing Instrumental Music (I)


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