Music Education Solutions


MES offers bespoke mentoring services from Open University certified mentors for:

  • Primary Music Coordinators
  • First Access Instrumental Teachers
  • Vocal Teachers

Adopting the ‘Reflective Model of Mentoring’, mentees are helped to identify their own areas for development during an initial one-to-one session (which may include lesson observation if the mentee requests this). Following the initial session, mentees are then offered follow-up email support to help them address their development aims.

The MES Mentoring approach is bespoke, and therefore differs according to each individual’s requirements. Listed below as a guide are some of the topics and areas that teachers commonly ask for support with, but these are by no means exhaustive.

Mentoring support for Primary Music Coordinators might include areas such as:

  • Planning for Musical Development
  • Assessment of Musical Progress
  • Resourcing
  • Developing extra-curricular activities
  • Planning performance events
  • Managing Peripatetic Staff
  • Supporting other staff in their own music teaching
  • Creating supportive music networks between schools
  • Identifying suitable CPD course opportunities

Mentoring support for First Access Instrumental Teachers might include:

  • Teaching creatively
  • Differentiation in a whole class context
  • Integrating vocal activities into whole class instrumental sessions
  • Assessment in a whole class context

Mentoring support for Vocal Teachers is a particular area of specialism for MES and teachers may come to us for help with areas such as:

  • Teaching the voice effectively in groups
  • Repertoire and Resourcing for choirs and vocal ensembles
  • Teaching Musical Theatre, Rock & Pop or Classical styles
  • Developing vocal students’ performance technique